Director General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)
and President, Chartered Institute of Transport Administrators (CIoTA)

Bashir Jamoh

Dr. Bashir Jamoh is a Ph.D. holder from the University of Port Harcourt, specializing in Logistics and Transport Management with over thirty two (32) years of professional and technocratic experience in the transportation and maritime sectors of the Nigerian economy. In Addition to his Ph.D. degree in Logistics and Transport Management, he also holds Master’s Degree in Management from Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Post Graduate Diploma in Management Sciences from Bayero University Kano and a Diploma in Accounting from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, respectively. He has attended several leadership and management courses at the Harvard University US, Oxford University UK, Cambridge University UK, International Training Centre of ILO Turin Italy, Institute of Public Private Partnership Washington DC, International Law Institute, USA, and Institute for Leadership and Development for the Public Good, USA, Royal Institute of Public Administration UK and World Maritime University, Sweden, amongst others. He is also the author of the book, Harnessing Nigeria’s Maritime Assets – Past, Present and Future.

This seasoned administrator and maritime expert was appointed as the Director General & Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) by the Federal Government of Nigeria on 10th of March, 2020 and he is also the current President of the Chartered Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria (CIoTA). Bashir also holds membership and fellowship attainments in several prestigious national and international professional bodies amongst which are: Fellow, Institute for Service Excellence and Good Governance; Fellow, Chartered Institute of Administration of Nigeria; Fellow, Institute of Business Development; Fellow, Academy of Entrepreneurial Studies; Fellow, Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management; Fellow, Institute of Information Management; Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management; Member, Institute of Maritime Economist (Canada); Member, Institute of Logistics, London; Member, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs & Member, National Speakers Association (NSA) and Global Speakers Federation (USA).

He is a recipient of Distinguished Merit Award for exemplary leadership achievements in Maritime Education in Nigeria from the Institute of Leadership and Development for the Public Good, Kansas, USA; merit awards from the Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria and International students of the Faculty of Law, Bayero University, Kano.

Having attained Management position since 2003, Dr. Bashir Jamoh has realized his career growth through effective performance as Principal Commercial Officer (Operations), Port Services Controller (Onne); Port Services Controller (Tin-Can Island Port); Assist. Chief Commercial Officer (HQ); Chief Admin Officer (Training), Assistant Director, Wet and Dry Cargo (Operations); Assistant Director (Research), Head (Protocol & Logistics) and Assistant Director (Training).

A consummate Administrator and Trainer, he has organised and facilitated leadership training and manpower development programmes in several countries including U.K., U.S.A., U.A.E., South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia and Sweden among others. As Head of various Units, he provides leadership for a number of officers on learning and manpower development needs within and outside the agency. He is a highly esteemed and respected expert in maritime human capacity building, Public-Private Partnership Development in addition to Shipping Management and International Trade. Dr. Bashir Jamoh possesses the qualities of a good leader in abundance: de-tribalized, disciplined and committed to developing other people’s potentials.


  • Leadership and Team building
  • Training and Manpower Development
  • Authorship and Intellectual Contribution
  • Human Resource Management
  • Shipping Logistics and International Trade
  • Budgetary and Risk Management
  • Public-Private Partnership Development
  • Cabotage and Maritime Project Management
  • Public Service Administration.
  • Exceptional Interpersonal Relations
  • Good Knowledge of Concepts and Principles/Approaches to International and Public Procurement System.
  • Ability to Adapt to Hostile Environment and Effectiveness in Multicultural Environment.
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation skills.
  • Organizational Skills
  • Resiliency and Organizational Agility
  • Performance Management and Productivity Placement
  • Boardroom Coordination and Corporate Governance Management
  • Legislative Engagement Awareness


  • Restructuring, Reformation and Repositioning of the Agency (NIMASA).
  • Improvement of Revenue Generation and steady remittance to the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) of the Federal Government.
  • Chairman, Organising Committee of the successfully hosted 3rd Association of African Maritime Administrations (AAMA), 2017.
  • Trained over 1,650 various personnel locally and internationally in diverse subjects and skills.
  • Established, equipped and managed NIMASA’s ultra-modern training centre with capacity to accommodate 200 participants at a time.
  • Successfully planned, managed and appraised capacity development of the largest maritime organisation for about a decade.
  • Improved and engaged the Agency’s training to world-class standard.
  • Budgetary management of over N117 billion with commensurate value for every Naira spent.
  • Accidents and incidents-free management of Agency’s protocol and logistics portfolio for local and international operations.
  • Efficient research and data management for actionable maritime planning and administration in collaboration with vessel/cargo related MDAs.
  • Effective co-ordination of revenue generation from operations with a monthly budget of up to $40 million.
  • Effectively managed the operations of incoming and outgoing vessels in major ports across coastal Nigeria.
  • In Kaduna State, sound planning, procurement and management of agricultural supplies as well as produce with increased profits for farming enterprise and its value chain.
  • Spearheaded and managed the process leading to the passage of the bill for the establishment of the charter status for the Chartered Institute of Transport Administrators (CIoTA) in 2019.


Executive Director: (Finance & Administration) Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) (AUGUST 2016 – DATE)

  • Finance Department: In charge of the Agency’s Financial and Accounting system for efficient and effective management and control of the financial resources of the Agency.
  • Administration Department: Responsible for the Agency’s general administration and implementation of policies and programmes on recruitment, promotion, discipline, training, welfare and motivation of human resources of the Agency and is also charged with the responsibilities of Providing tools, equipment and facilities to staff to enable them perform their duties efficiently and effectively.
  • Planning, Research and Data Management Services: Co-ordinates and monitors the implementation of the Agency’s mandates in planning, conduct of maritime studies and investigations, data collection and analysis as well as information processing and information technology.
  • Designated Acting Capacity for Agency’s Chief Executive on a number of occasions when he was outside the country on official international duties.

Asst. Director, Training & Development (March 2011 – July 2016)

Nigerian Maritime Administration & Safety Agency (NIMASA)

  • Embarked on periodic review of the agency’s training policies and guidelines with a view of making them more relevant and functional.
  • Compiled and prepared weekly, monthly and annual reports as the case may be, on training for planning and record purposes.
  • Evaluated training interventions to know whether or not the objectives had been achieved with a view to improving them.
  • Ensured collaboration with Nigerian universities on maritime curriculum development.
  • Staff development and human capital administration through effective development strategy (by identifying appropriate training placement and skills)
  • Development and implementation of the agency special training needs curriculum
  • Preparation and implementation of the agency’s training budget
  • Capacity building refresher training and effective management of the agency’s training centre.
  • Formulated training policies that helped improve capacity building
  • Selected and accredited all training consultants and recommended same to the Management prior to the engagement of their services.
  • Identifying training needs of departments and units of the Agency.

Head, Protocol and Logistics (Dec. 2010 – Feb. 2011)

Nigerian Maritime Administration & Safety Agency (NIMASA)

  • Managed internal and external liaison responsibilities for the agency
  • Administered essential and core protocol responsibilities for the Director General and foreign dignitaries in the Agency’s protocol list
  • Conducted investigation in cooperation with government agencies to determine cause of Accidents to improve safety procedures for the Agency’s vehicle fleet.
  • Evaluated employee performance and coordinated the agency’s “Training the Individual” yearly work plans for all Unit staff and other drivers.
  • Distribution maintenance, repairs and utilization of all the Agency’s vehicle fleet
  • Ensured the proper utilization and efficient use of the funds being granted to the Protocol/Transport Unit.

Assistant Director (Research) (Sept 2010 – Dec 2010)

Nigerian Maritime Administration & Safety Agency (NIMASA)

  • Coordinated and supervised the work of statistics and research unit.
  • Ensured the compilation of all the vessels/cargo data obtained from Nigeria Port Authority, Nigeria Customs Service, Pipelines and Product Marketing Company, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Department of Petroleum Resources and other intelligent sources on import and export shipments for comparative analysis on revenue generation and collection.
  • Was responsible for planning events with an understanding of event logistics and revenue generation.
  • Ensured monitoring of shipping activities and reconciliation of data with relevant departments
  • Worked to improve research opportunities of the Agency.
  • Helped to develop long range strategies; established and maintained communication with other Agencies.

Assistant Director, Operations (Wet/Dry Cargo)    (July 2009 – Sept. 2010)

Nigerian Maritime Administration & Safety Agency (NIMASA)

  • Coordinated the activities of and functions of the Wet Cargo Unit.
  • Liaised with government agencies in the oil industry for cooperation regarding alternative data sourcing and facilitated the effective participation of indigenous operators in both domestic and international shipping.
  • Resolved stakeholders’ complaints and worked alongside with finance department to ensure proper billing.
  • Coordinated the activities and functions of Wet Cargo/gas Unit
  • Involvement in the development of policies relating to the wet cargo operations.
  • Worked in coordinating the activities of revenue generation of the agency with an annual estimated revenue of up to US/Dollars $40M
  • Supervised the administration of NIMASA 3% statutory levy on gross freight earning on international in-bound and out-bound cargo from ships or shipping companies operating in Nigeria.
  • Attended to matters relating to development of policy issues in Wet Cargo Operations.

Assistant Chief Admin Officer & Chief Admin Officer, Training   (March 2007 – July 2009)

Nigerian Maritime Administration & Safety Agency (NIMASA)

  • Participated in the formulation of policies of training unit of the agency.
  • Ensured that the policies of the agency were adhered to.
  • Supervised the preparation / implementation of the training budget.
  • Was Responsible for planning/coordination and implementation of Agency’s policy as it affected training and development both local and foreign programmes.

Assistant Chief Commercial Officer, Eastern & Central Zones – (August 2003 – March 2007)

Nigerian Maritime Administration & Safety Agency (NIMASA)

  • Served as Desk Officer for shipment operations in eastern and central zones.
  • Saw to the handling of applications for vetting and computation of NMA 3% levy.
  • Co-ordinated the assessment of applications of 3% levy shipping companies.
  • Ensured proper documentation of all application of 3% levy and issuance of debit notes.
  • Ensured the collection of debit notes by shipping companies and prompt settlement of debit notes
  • Provided inputs for the preparation of the unit’s monthly and annual reports.
  • Kept track of inward/outward movement of vessels from various ports under the eastern & central zonal offices namely: Port Harcourt Port, Onne Port, Warri/Sapele Port, and Calabar Port.

Port Services Controller, Tin-Can Island Port, Apapa.     (June 1999 – August 2003)

National Maritime Authority (NMA)

  • Was responsible for day to day running of the port office as well as assigning duties to each member of staff and review their work.
  • Monitored the activities of shipping lines with regards to actual tonnage discharged or lifted within Tin-Can Island port complex and associated jetties.
  • Oversaw the assessment of NMA 3% levy.
  • Participated in NPA Berthing meetings.
  • Participated in voyage meetings with a view to recoiling Inward and Outward cargoes for revenue generation purposes.

Port Services Controller, Onne Port, Port Harcourt     (March 1997 – June1999)

National Maritime Authority (NMA)

  • Had Responsibility for data collection of ship turn out report from NCS & NPA with a view to assessing the NMA 3% levy.
  • Participated in NPA berthing meetings.
  • Collected and analysed daily shipping position with a view to determining 3% levy.
  • Participated in voyage meetings for the recovering of inward and outward bound vessels for revenue generation purposes.
  • Oversaw the management of the database and production of the monthly statistics on dry/wet cargo operations.
  • Was responsible for liaising with relevant public and private sectors involved in shipping matters within Onne port and Federal lighter terminal.

Principal Commercial Officer, Operations: Dry/Wet cargo – (Jan. 1994 – March 1997)

National Maritime Authority (NMA)

  • Analysed and summarized manifest on wet/dry cargo.
  • Analysed data on crude oil using data from DPR/NNPC.
  • Reconciled monthly returns from multinationals on crude liftings.
  • Handled queries arising from disputed debit notes.
  • Oversaw the compilation of half yearly/annual reports.
  • Was responsible for liaising with multinationals and DPR for alternative data sourcing.

Principal Procurement Officer, Farmers Supply Co. (KDS) Ltd, Kaduna (May 1991 – Dec. 1993)

  • Maintained relevant information concerning the organization’s suppliers with important details such as the suppliers qualifications, delivery lines, potentials development of the products
  • Maintained accurate records of purchases and prices as well as oversaw the management of inventories of the products and services in the organisation.
  • Was instrumental to ensuring profits and sustainability of agricultural enterprise and stakeholders. Drew up plans for the purchase of farm implements.
  • Drew up plans for the purchase of farm implements.
  • Oversaw the purchase of farm implements for resale to farmers at low prices and consideration subject to quality reviews and analysis of all options.
  • Drew up procurement procedures for international competitive bids for supplies and allied agricultural consultancies.
  • Trained officers in line with the procurement policies of the establishment for them to be versed in the relevant practices, procedures and policies.
  • Ensured that the products or services were of right quality regardless of the price.
  • Served as link between the company and suppliers; sourced for interested suppliers and negotiated the best deals for the company.

Assistant Produce Purchase Manager, Farmers Supply Co. (KDS) Ltd – (Jan 1989-May 1991)

  • Evaluated supplies of farm produce such as cotton, grains and other agro-allied products based on price, quality and delivery speed.
  • Interviewed vendors, visited supply plants and distribution centres to examine and learn about products, services and prices.
  • Attended meetings, trade shows and conferences to learn about new industry trends and made contacts with suppliers.
  • Negotiated contracts on behalf of the company.
  • Met with staff and vendors to discuss defective or unacceptable deliveries and determined corrective actions.
  • Maintained and reviewed records of farm produce supplied, costs, deliveries, produce performance and inventories.

Accountant, Produce Purchase, Farmers Supply Company Co. (kds) Ltd – (May 1987 – Dec 1988)

  • Compilation and consolidation of monthly produce purchase account expenditures and receipts.
  • Preparation of annual account, finance accounts and appropriation accounts.
  • Verification of produce purchase agents’ claims and issue authorization thereof
  • Maintenance of accounts of long-term advances granted to produce purchase agents for the purpose of procuring excess farm produce.
  • Maintenance of accounts of internal debt loans and advances from state government.
  • Reconciliation of accounting transactions with the departments and banks.
  • Maintenance of accounting records and preparation of budget.