The basic need of man to move from one place to another is the very foundation for humanity’s logistical challenge and the harbinger of her activities in transportation. From there on, humans beings have since used materials around them to fashion out tools and means of transportation ranging from the bicycles to horse drawn carts to motor vehicles and aircrafts. Marine movement was not left out as evidenced by the ancient boats that predated the ocean-going vessels that move 90 percent of goods in the vast global water bodies and seas that cover seventy percent of the earth surface.

Driven by the quest to survive, humanity has had to reach further and farther to conquer new territories, and with water making up 70 per cent of the earth’s geographical space, according to the US Geological Survey, human beings would therefore not have made it this far without also seeking to create pathways on the waters in their bid to reach out into new lands, and acquire the resources needed to continue to survive. This is the secret behind the navigation of the seas; traders becoming merchants across oceans; the growth of international commerce and the making of an¬†industry on and around the deep, the maritime industry…….